Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission, Sikra-kulingram
Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission, Sikra-kulingram
A Branch Centre of Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math

Gadadhara Abhudaya Prakalpa

Five Primary Section

We are running 5 GAP (Gadadhara Abhudaya Prakalpa) units with 250  children. the students are mostly SC / ST category. It is a Threefold development program -Education, Intellectual and Physical.  

Educational Aid & Help

We provide for them Text Books, Exercise Books etc. and School Uniform; Sweater in winter season, Plain garments in Puja season and so on. Number of Students is 390.

Moral Classes

Virtual Classes

Extra Curricular






Smart Class



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Free Coaching Centre

The Free Tuition Centre is being run for Poor and needy boys of Class I to 10

2 Free Coaching Centres  in the Ashrama premises with 85 students from class I to X

5 GAP (Gadadhara Abhudaya Prakalpa) units deals with free coaching classes and overall development of the children. There are 280 children.

Sundarban Welfare Project - 17 free coaching centres with 340 child.

Educational Help to needy students

In the beginning of every academic year, stipends are given to the needy poor school students. Students who can not continue their study due to lack of money or other study material, we help them. This year(i.e 2019-20) 60 students availed this opportunity. 25 students have received the monetary help; and 600 students have received the Exercise Books.

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